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About the Company:

A'z Wellness, LLC is a Black-owned business, built by a stay at home mom, me, Adrienne Robinson.  I am mother of 3 beautiful children and a wife. I focus on providing products for all skin types. With body butter made with  Raw Shea butter and sunflower oil as the main two ingredients. To soaps made with coconut oil, avocado oil and Palm oil to provide all the yummy goodness your skin needs. My mission is to bring natural alluring body care to every home. Finding natural ingredients is important to me, that is why I decided to partner with PDR (Palm Done Right). I want to bring a new meaning to Wellness. That it's not only for us but for the planet and animals as well. 


Custom orders are welcomed! Please email:


We hope you enjoy every product that you purchase from A'z Wellness!​


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